Over the past few decades, 3D reality capture has emerged as the go-to technique for documenting any physical asset’s as-built state. By converting millions of data points into 3D point clouds, an accurate virtual representation of the scanned object is produced.

However, even a small project might result in hundreds or even thousands of scans, and each one needs to have its point cloud registered. Throughout an asset’s existence, scans must be performed, recorded, and aligned in addition to the first time. These are the exact scenarios in which target-less or cloud-to-cloud registration may encounter difficulties: repetitive scanning and repeat alignment. Traceable 3D uses target-based scanning with specially mounted targets to de-silo data and bring it into a single compatible coordinate system.

Traceable 3D® Target-based
Laser Scanning


Maximum Performance
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Applications for As-Built Documentation

Take advantage of the most productive and successful way to record data from building sites, assembly lines, factories, and “as-designed” scenarios by using a set of 35 items that are specifically designed and tested for focused scanning. With the assurance that your measurements are precise and repeatable and that you are aware of any internal or external structural or construction site changes over time, you can increase productivity and save time.

  • As-built Modelling and Capture that is Quick.
  • Preserving historical sites.
  • Asset and facility management with a digital twin.

Pre-incident preparation and forensic analysis

Record every aspect of the environment so that it can be used to create safety systems, investigate crime or accident sites, recreate bullet trails, or determine the origin of a fire.

Traceable 3D Target-based Laser Scanning Features

FARO’s particular requirements are met via traceable 3D accessories, which are calibrated and standardized for interchangeability. The company’s line of targeted scanning devices now includes over 35 additional items, such as flat targets and large and medium-sized spheres, precise target mounts, tripod fast releases and magnetic mounts for temporary mounting on flat and convex steel surfaces.

Providing competitive service entails extending the product’s lifespan while lowering the overall cost of ownership during its entire useful life.

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