3D Measurement Platform


A 3D measurement platform for guided assembly, reverse engineering, and factory inspection is referred to as Verisurf software. Our customers may load any CAD file or drawing, connect to any measuring device, align to any part or assembly, do live or offline measurement operations, and instantly communicate results with colorful reports and database connectivity thanks to our open platform’s corporate interoperability.

Powerful CAD Foundation


All of our suites are built on Verisurf CAD, which offers robust NURBS surfacing and ParasolidTM solid modelling with model-associative GD&T. Our user interface follows the well-known Microsoft Ribbon Framework and features fully customisable Tabs, Groups, Panels, and Galleries to streamline and automate repetitive tasks, making it the most rewarding visualisation experience in the metrology sector. It is also very simple to learn.

Customization for Automation


With the use of an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates the development of unique measuring apps using Verisurf’s background power, the Verisurf SDK assists businesses in achieving Industry 4.0 automation goals. All widely used scripting languages are supported by the API, allowing for the creation of unique user interfaces that automate and streamline repetitive measurement-driven procedures.


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