The Axiom is an extremely affordable shop floor CMM for measuring small to medium-sized items. With a Y axis travel of up to 1200mm, the manual CMM is offered as a full turnkey kit that includes everything you need to begin measuring components right away.
The all-aluminum bridge structure guarantees that the Axiom has high acceleration and low inertia to finish tasks quickly. It also ensures that the machine’s temperature swiftly matches the room’s temperature, which is perfect when the CMM is not kept in a controlled environment. The software’s temperature correction presents the data as though it had been measured at 20°C/68°F.

The high-tech, standard granite and aluminum table was first created for the optical sector. It offers excellent natural high-frequency vibration dampening, and the granite Y rail enables the bridge air bearings to be pre-loaded in both directions for optimal precision. The Axiom Too Manual CMM has a special feature that makes it easy to upgrade to CNC at any time. This feature is useful for future expansion of measurement requirements and for repeatability and throughput increases that may be achieved at a reasonable cost.

Axiom too CMM

Maximum Performance
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Axis Travel (mm) X 640
Y 600, 900, 1200
Z 500
Overall Size (mm) X 1040
Y 900, 1200, 1500
Z 2320
Motion Manual
Structure Bridge
Suitable for Shop Floor/Inspection Room
Drive Type Belt
*Volumetric Accuracy TP20
(2.4 + L/250)µm
Scale Resolution 0.5µm
**Optimum Temp Range 18 – 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 – 45°C
Table Construction Honeycomb aluminium & granite or solid granite
Table Load Capacity 300kg (Honeycomb) or 500kg (Solid)
Max. Velocity Vector n/a
Max. Acceleration Vector n/a
Air Required Yes
Air Consumption 65 l/min (1.8 cfm)
Required Air Pressure 5 bar (72 psi)
Aberlink Camera Support Yes

*Maximum Permissible Error MPEE within the thermal limits defined for optimum temperature range. **Installation environmental thermal limits: Rate of change <1°C/hr and <2°C/24hr. Temperature gradient <1°C/m