Imagine being able to touch a complex part, tool, or mould and instantly record every measurement. With the Quantum Max FaroArm, the best portable coordinate measuring device available today, you can (CMM). Industry leaders in the fields of assembly, machining, aerospace, and autos trust the FaroArm portable CMM to quickly and precisely take measurements in the field and on the shop floor—even in extremely hot or cold environments.

Providing superior items that are confidently used makes people satisfied and maintains a loyal consumer base. Your staff will be able to stay ahead of issues and make faster, more informed decisions with the information at their disposal.

Quantum Max FaroArm Series Maximum Performance
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Applications for 3D Metrology Applications

Enhanced inspection and control of quality. During first-article, in-process, and inbound component inspections, confirm dimensional accuracy and spot any variations from normative CAD data.Two Distinct Mounting Choices. Improve accessibility and speed by using a kinematic mount that makes it simple and smooth to swap out probes.

  • As-built Modelling and Capture that is Quick.
  • Preserving historical sites.
  • Asset and facility management with a digital twin.

Pre-incident preparation and forensic analysis

Record every aspect of the environment so that it can be used to create safety systems, investigate crime or accident sites, recreate bullet trails, or determine the origin of a fire.

ScanArm Features

Utilise FaroArms in even the most difficult measurement situations.

Providing competitive service entails extending the product’s lifespan while lowering the overall cost of ownership during its entire useful life.

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