In keeping with Aberlink’s tradition of innovation, the Extol is the first CMM in the world to use a delta mechanism.
The Extol CMM is appropriate whether it is placed next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or utilized in a specialized inspection area because it is built to be strong and reliable and can operate continuously.

The Extol is capable of functioning in uncontrolled situations and providing measurements as though they had been collected at 20°C thanks to five temperature sensors that monitor both the machine and the surrounding air temperature. Additionally, if the temperature changes more quickly than is consistent with normal metrology practice, the software will provide a warning.

Extol CMM

Maximum Performance
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Axis Travel (mm) Extol 370

XY Dia. 370
Z 270

Extol 520

XY Dia. 520
Z 300

Overall Size (mm) X 730
Y 715
Z 2000
X 990
Y 950
Z 2200
Motion CNC CNC
CMM Structure Delta Delta
Suitable For Shop Floor/Inspection Room Shop Floor/Inspection Room
Drive Type Belt (w/linear bearings) Belt (w/linear bearings)
*Volumetric Accuracy TP20
(2.6 + L/250)µm
(2.5 + L/250)µm
(2.3 + L/250)µm
(2.6 + L/250)µm
(2.5 + L/250)µm
(2.3 + L/250)µm
Scale Resolution 0.1µm 0.1µm
**Optimum Temp Range 18 – 22°C 18 – 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 – 45°C 5 – 45°C
Table Construction Solid Granite Solid Granite
Table Load Capacity 200kg 200kg
Max. Velocity Vector 500mm/sec 500mm/sec
Max. Acceleration Vector 750mm/sec² 750mm/sec²
Air Required? No No
Air Consumption n/a n/a
Required Air Pressure n/a n/a
Aberlink Camera support No No

*The machine should not be positioned where it will be subjected to rapid changes in temperature. Max rate of ambient temperature change should not be more than 1°C/hour.