It used to be difficult and time-consuming to measure huge parts, moulds, assemblies, and machineries, and it frequently required the use of a dedicated inspection space. On-site measuring is quick and simple with portable FARO Vantage Laser Trackers, which speeds up inspection cycles by up to 75%. By following a target that the user moves around the object being measured, they are able to measure 3D coordinates. Teams can make informed modifications or advance with confidence by quickly comparing these metrics to nominal CAD data.

More precise 6DoF probing is brand-new to the VantageS6 Max and VantageE6 Max family of Laser Trackers, which speeds up inspections and minimizes device motions.

Vantage Laser Trackers: Maximum Performance
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Applications for 3D Metrology

Precision Production on a Large Scale
When creating huge parts, directing assembly, calibrating robots, and using manufacturing tools, make sure the equipment is aligned and adheres to the closest tolerances. Leaders in the most cutting-edge industries, from shipbuilding to aerospace, rely on Vantage Max Laser Trackers from FARO to quickly and accurately produce the most cutting-edge components, assemblies, and composites.

  • As-built Modelling and Capture that is Quick.
  • Preserving historical sites.
  • Asset and facility management with a digital twin.

Enhanced Quality Control for Large Parts

Large parts, assemblies, and composites can be inspected up to 75% faster than with conventional measurement techniques. For complete quality assurance, Vantage Max Laser Trackers create a digital record of actual versus nominal data to verify compliance to specification.

ScanArm Features

With the broadest field of view in the market, track a moving target even when it is hidden behind obstacles.

To measure 6DoF, or concealed areas that are not in the line of sight, use the handheld 6Probe with interchangeable kinematic styli.

Quick data capture is necessary for high-speed motion control and dense scanning.

With a single beam, Class 1 (eye-safe) laser system, the Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (iADM) ensures accurate distance and angle measurement.

A mobile device is used to operate the laser tracker.

Use in any environment and ship easily.

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