Time and money are wasted managing bulky, hefty, physical templates. Furthermore, their use on the production line allows for human error, which can lead to waste and expensive rework. Using Tracer Laser Projectors for virtual templating solves all of these issues. They enable operators to precisely and swiftly arrange parts and sequence tasks by projecting a laser outline onto a 3D surface or object. Utilise tracer laser projectors for visual verification, paint masking, composite ply layup sequencing and guidance, and part placement and verification.

FARO Tracer Laser Projectors for Manufacturing

Maximum Performance
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Applications for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

It can help you produce construction projects of the greatest caliber. In order to reduce the danger of deformations and other issues, precise laser scanning is used throughout the construction process to ensure that the completed structure matches the design intent. Easily inspect free-form shape elements and façade components, as well as do calculations for enormous volumes. The scan data is essential for project management and cross-trade cooperation.

  • As-built Modelling and Capture that is Quick.
  • Preserving historical sites.
  • Asset and facility management with a digital twin.

Pre-incident preparation and forensic analysis

Record every aspect of the environment so that it can be used to create safety systems, investigate crime or accident sites, recreate bullet trails, or determine the origin of a fire.

ScanArm Features

Use any software tool, including FARO software solutions and third-party applications like Autodesk® ReCapTM, to process the point cloud data from your Focus Laser Scanner that best suits your workflow.

For projects that require five scanning days, a typical scan with the Flash Technology add-on and necessary PanoCam can save up to 2.5 days of scanning and take less than 30 seconds.

Providing competitive service entails extending the product’s lifespan while lowering the overall cost of ownership during its entire useful life.

Technology represents a revolution in the scanning of large-volume projects for both public safety and engineering purposes.

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