The Fulcrum is a ground-breaking manual CMM. By using a three-rotary axis design, Aberlink has made it portable and small enough to be used on the shop floor next to your machine machines. Designed to maximize inspection as parts exit the machine one at a time, providing feedback to the machining operation as soon as possible, prior to final inspection, and before incurring additional costs.

Aberlink measurement software’s user interface has been simplified while maintaining all capabilities, making it much simpler to operate on a manual CMM. Critical features are automatically identified and dimensions are automatically shown after manually scanning the component.

Fulcrum CMM: Maximum Performance
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Axis Travel (mm) X 280
Y 280
Z 150
Overall Size (mm) X 335
Y 830
Z 725
Motion Manual
Suitable For Shop Floor/Inspection Room
**Volumetric Accuracy (5.0 + L/1000)µm
Scale Resolution 1.15μrad
***Optimum Temp Range 18 – 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 – 45°C
Air Required? No
Aberlink Camera support No
  • *Minimum measuring range specified because the usable volume isn’t cubic.**Maximum Permissible Error MPEE, according to an adapted ISO10360-2 2009 test to suit the Fulcrum, within the thermal limits defined for optimal temperature range.***The machine should not be positioned where it will be subjected to rapid changes in temperature. Max rate of ambient temperature change should not be more than 1°C/hour.